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The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

We all know that every child has a spark. We at Mayoor kindle that
spark in all our children, through love, care and encouragement.
The early childhood years are now well-recognised for having great
influence on how an individual thinks and behaves, through his school
years and as an adult.

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We at Mayoor want to nurture clear thinkers.
We want to nurture men and women who express themselves with
assurance, in language and in the arts. At Mayoor we want to nurture Mayoorites
who are robust in health, and who show friendship and respect for others
regardless of their backgrounds.
The child who has his curiosity ignited in his early years, who develops
an excitement about learning and interacts easily with others, will have a
headstart in life. At Mayoor we give every child a headstart.
Our aim at Mayoor is to nurture each child holistically.

Young children are natural and active learners. They enjoy:
• exploring
• imagining
• discovering
• investigating
• collecting information
• sharing knowledge

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Kindergarten education aims to promote a love for learning.

By the end of their education in kindergarten,
children should:
Know what is right and what is wrong
Be willing to share and take turns with others
Be able to relate to others
Be curious and able to explore
Be able to listen and speak with understanding
Be comfortable and happy with themselves
Have developed physical co-ordination and healthy habits
Love their families, friends, teachers and school

Education is not preparation for life.

Education is life itself.

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