Team Mayoor engaged in a highly interactive and gainful workshop in Stress Management.

14-01-20 Mayoor School 0 comment

Team Mayoor engaged in a highly interactive and gainful workshop in Stress Management on January 13, 2020 organised by Oxford University Press in the School. The resource person Mr. Rajan Arora , an accomplished corporate trainer, with a rich experience of conducting workshops for school teachers, was engaging and enlightening. The icebreaker was a simple team building exercise to highlight the importance of taking instructions. He then went on to connect this activity with the classroom situation. Furthermore, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence model was discussed and the need for understanding the strengths and limitations of each individual was highlighted. Mr. Rajan talked about various kinds of stress that we humans undergo in our day today lives and underlined the need to gain Core Life Skills to handle them. He stressed upon the need for mindfulness in all our endeavours and interactions and emphasised the importance of meditation, through some simple techniques. Some very simple and doable activities, that the teachers can also carry out with their students, were also done under his guidance. The staff felt very motivated to adopt the techniques of stress management that he summarised. The session concluded with a self awareness-building activity where in each one present had to identify eight people attending the workshop and list three things about him/ her. The workshop ended on a high note of positivity and enthusiasm.

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