26-05-20 Mayoor School 0 comment

Mayoor School, Sri Ganganagar held a Gratitude Ceremony for the students of classes I-V on May 26, 2020 before closing down for Summer Vacations.
The online ceremony comprised of prayer songs sung by the students and subsequently each of the students expressed their thankfulness to whosoever they wished to thank. Some students thanked their grandparents and parents, while others thanked their teachers for their efforts during the time of lockdown. Few students also expressed their gratitude towards doctors, nurses, policemen and the armed forces, for being on their duties in these critical times.
Students made cards, wrote poems and made posters to express themselves.
As the class teachers lovingly conducted the online ceremony, it was an emotional moment for the parents as well as the students. Going for vacations has never been this difficult; it gave a deep sense of parting from the anchorage that the teachers provided their students in the period of Corona and lockdown.

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