22-06-20 Mayoor School 0 comment

Mayoor School, Sri Ganganagar as a Mayo College General Council, Ajmer Collaboration School participated in an interactive session held for all the Mayoors on June 21, 2020, for sharing of Innovative Practices during Online Teaching.
The webinar was a sharing of innovative ideas for online teaching techniques, practices for students and assessments.

Ms. Japsimran Kaur Marwah, Science faculty, shared the outstanding practices that we at MSS followed during our online classes, taken in the months of April and May 2020. The highlights of her presentation were the Zoom classes that were taken by Team Mayoor, the use of available teaching material at home during the Lockdown, the other tech-tools used viz. google forms and I-mark for assessments.

The other Mayoors who were a part of the session were Mayoor Noida, Mayor World Jalandhar, Mayoor Chopasni, Mayoor Abu Dhabi and Mayoor Ajmer.

It was a very fruitful session that was gainful for all the educators.

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