Mayoor Boarding House

24-03-17 Mayoor School 0 comment

With a dream of a secured better future , Mayoor School is presenting ‘The Boarding House’; Not just like a normal boarding house, this has the Basic Observance Acceptable Reasons Developments Into New Generations; and new scope and visions for the blooming buds of the upcoming world.

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With the exceptional idea of the ‘BOARDING’, Mayoor School begins to upgrade their new motive of enhancing the sharp minds into a brighter future, knowing that only today’s mine will have tomorrow’s gem.
They’re no rooms; they’re residence; not for hostlers; for students; not just learning but with a vision of understanding. It’s not just like living at home, it’s like living life.

best boarding school in sri ganganagar
See and observe the ‘sorrow changing into happiness’, ‘school changing into life’, ‘books changing into companions’ and ‘YOU INTO THE FUTURE’.

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