Education & its Importance

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The world wide gem to which the whole world expresses gratitude, having no relation or personal condition with it, is only a 9 letter word ‘EDUCATION’. With 9 letters it even states 9 basic amenities of survival in this world.
‘KNOWLEDGE’ the never–ending mortal power; ‘CONFIDENCE’ the aim to achieve every consequence; ‘BELIEF’ to obtain the trust-keeping power; ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ the fruit of hard-work; ‘INQUIRY’ the eagerness to learn something; ‘RESEARCH’ the mode of gaining results; ‘PRACTICE’ making the work / assignment complete; ‘REWARD’ the higher stage of success and ‘SUCCESS’ the owned value that is not going to be taken from you.

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Like all basic amenities of life, education is another daily bread for present life. Needed for almost every occupation of businessmen to the wage earners education, education is another hidden jewel in all of these. Not subjects, Not activities, Not just music, games, arts, dance, education is the bird of success to all. Today, almost every step is taken by ‘EDUCATION’.

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A dream of a secured, personalised, corrupt free nation is visualised by every citizen of the country. Education is the ladder to success and you will find your zenith through it. Knowledge is the wealth that no one can steal from you and which manifolds by sharing and passing on.

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